Welding Stinger

  • Broco BR 20: Underwater Welding Stinger
  • Designed to hold electrodes at optimal angles for quality welds
  • Movable jaw design accommodates various electrode diameters
  • Reduces operator fatigue while delivering high-quality welds


The Broco BR 20 Underwater Welding Stinger, available through Unique Group, is a specialized subsea tool engineered to facilitate underwater welding operations with precision and efficiency. Here are the key features and specifications:

  • Optimal Electrode Positioning: This welding stinger is meticulously designed to securely hold the electrode at the ideal angle relative to the workpiece, ensuring consistent and high-quality welds even in challenging underwater environments.
  • Movable Jaw Design: The stinger features a movable jaw design that allows it to accommodate a wide range of electrode diameters, providing versatility and flexibility in welding applications.
  • Enhanced Welding Performance: By promoting proper electrode positioning and stability, the BR 20 stinger contributes to improved welding results while minimizing operator fatigue, thereby enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

With its durable construction, innovative design, and focus on performance, the Broco BR 20 Underwater Welding Stinger is a reliable tool for achieving quality welds in subsea environments. It is suitable for a variety of underwater welding applications, making it an essential component of any underwater welding toolkit.

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