ProTouch Underwater Welding Electrodes

Broco Underwater presents ProTouch Underwater Welding Electrodes, the latest addition to their lineup. These electrodes are specifically designed for high-performance underwater welding, providing all-position welding capabilities and superior weld quality.


Introducing ProTouch Underwater Welding Electrodes from Broco Underwater, the cutting-edge solution for demanding underwater welding applications. Engineered with precision and purpose, ProTouch electrodes offer exceptional performance and weld quality.

These electrodes are available in two sizes: 1/8″ diameter electrodes, with 95 electrodes per 8 lb. tube, and 5/32″ diameter electrodes, offering 69 electrodes per 8 lb. tube. With all-position welding capabilities, ProTouch electrodes are versatile and suitable for a wide range of underwater welding tasks.

Whether you’re tackling structural repairs or intricate welding projects underwater, Broco’s ProTouch Underwater Welding Electrodes deliver consistent and reliable results, making them the preferred choice for professional divers and underwater welding professionals.

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