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Our premier workshop, and QA/AC laboratory are fully equipped with state of the art facilities catering to all your subsea service needs. Specializing in the servicing and maintenance of diver’s umbilicals and marine machinery, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to ensure the reliability and safety of your equipment.

Design and Manufacturing

Our main focus in product development is manufacturing and assembly-ready design. It entails improving the product's design for the assembly and production processes.

Combining the design specifications of the product with the demands of the market today will help you resolve problems in all of your endeavours. Additionally, using Design for Manufacturing strategies lowers production costs and complexity without sacrificing product quality.

Testing of Diving Equipment

Dive Lab’s testing will be carried out based on SCUBA regulators and full-face masks to diving helmets, mixed gas rebreathers, firefighting and respiratory equipment, and other life support equipment and components.

Numerous environmental tests (heat and cold), field of vision, noise, oxygen consumption, mechanical, flow, pressure proof, and burst testing are just a few of the numerous tests that may be performed.

Maintenance & Repair

Periodical maintenance or any repairing work will be done for all the diving equipment for the complete satisfaction of our customers on time.

Our experienced technocrats are skilled in the maintenance and repair of umbilicals, and all diving equipment after field use, restoring them to peak condition for continued reliability.

Ready-to-Dive Umbilical

We supply umbilicals in ‘ready to dive’ condition, meticulously inspected and prepared to meet your specific requirements.

Hose End Termination

Our experts perform precise hose end terminations from the surface to underwater ensuring secure connections and optimal performance.

Refurbishment of Air & Saturation Diving Systems

While you are conducting deep-sea exploration, pipeline installation, maintenance work, etc., underwater, the saturation diving equipment to be tested as per the IMCA standard procedure. Our experts are well-known to make the facility to diver’s needs.

Rental of Diving Equipment

We also provide rental services for a wide range of equipment, including:

Containerized Diving Decompression Chambers, Dive Control Systems (Air or Mixed Gas), Machinery Containers with HP/LP systems, Hydraulic Power Packs, Scuba Replacements Packages, Umbilical, High-Pressure (HP) Compressors, Low-Pressure (LP) Compressors, Underwater Video Systems, Portable Diving Panels (for 2 or 3 divers)


It is a pressure-based evaluation technique called hydrostatic testing that is used to check the structural integrity of vessels.

It stops reportable leaks and lowers emissions of volatile organic compounds by detecting leaks before systems are turned on. All testing processes can be carried out by our professionals using the international standard approach.

Testing, Calibration and Certification

The following diving equipment are available for testing and certification services from our qualified dive technicians.

Cylinders and Receivers, Gauge Calibration, Air Purity Testing, Pressure Testing, Electrical Testing, Umbilical Servicing / Splicing & termination, Decompression Chambers (DDC) – Refurbishment, Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS), Scuba Replacement Panels (SRP), Dive Control Systems, Load Testing

Logistics Support - Global

At Subdive360, we recognize the value of logistics in making sure that equipment is deployed to the dive site consistently and on schedule. Our service provided most cost effective with prompt delivery to any location in the world.

Air Purity Test

As specified in EN12021, it is mandatory to test and certify the breathing air quality on a regular basis if you use compressed air for breathing. These examinations are performed by our skilled specialists, who also give you the required certifications.