Easy Touch Underwater Welding Rods


  • UW-EZ-2 Easy Touch Welding Rod
  • Quality Underwater Welding Electrodes
  • Size: 5/32 in. x 14 in
  • 69 Rods in a Pack


Designed to bridge the gap between economy and premium underwater welding rods, Broco’s UW-EZ-2 Easy Touch Underwater Welding Rods are engineered for non-structural repairs where some flexibility in weld quality is acceptable. These moderately priced electrodes deliver excellent results, offering commercial divers a reliable and cost-effective solution for underwater welding tasks.

The UW-EZ-2 Easy Touch Rods are crafted with Broco’s extensive experience in underwater welding, ensuring ease of use and high performance. Featuring a controllable puddle with a rippled bead appearance, these electrodes are easy to light, run, and clean, minimizing operator fatigue and maximizing productivity.

With advantages over other economy-priced underwater welding rods, the Broco UW-EZ-2 Easy Touch Rods are designed to be easier to run and clean, reducing downtime and operational costs for commercial divers. Each pack contains 69 rods, providing ample supply for underwater welding projects of various scales.

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