TESCOM 26-1017-14-005 Pressure Reducing Regulator 5-500 PSIG – Brass

Meet diverse pressure control needs with the Tescom 26-1017-14-005 Pressure Reducing Regulator, crafted for reliability and versatility.


Experience precise pressure control and exceptional versatility with the Tescom 26-1017-14-005 Pressure Reducing Regulator. Ideal for various applications including test equipment, calibration stands, and production equipment, this regulator offers outstanding performance and reliability.

Featuring the capability to be easily converted to seven different outlet pressure ranges, this regulator provides flexibility to suit diverse requirements. Its unbalanced stem ensures positive shut-off, while the safety and reliability of the piston sensor enhance overall performance.

With excellent sensitivity across a wide range of pressure settings, the Tescom 26-1017-14-005 delivers consistent results with bubble-tight leakage. The standard venting functionality allows for decreased outlet pressure, further enhancing its usability.

Constructed with durable materials including brass body and stainless steel bonnet, this regulator is designed to withstand demanding conditions. The low torque hand knob enables easy adjustment, ensuring user convenience.

Trust in the Tescom 26-1017-14-005 Pressure Reducing Regulator for precise pressure control and reliable performance in various applications.