SubDive360 2 Diver Air Control Panel with Comms and CCTV

Dive with confidence and convenience with personalized control panels, high-capacity air cylinders, advanced communication & video systems, and durable umbilicals. Available in stainless steel or mild steel frames. Contact us for custom options!


Upgrade your diving operations with SubDive360’s customizable Scuba Replacement Packages (SRP). Available in 2 or 3 Diver configurations, these comprehensive packages provide everything you need for safe and efficient dives.


Personalized Control Panels: Brand your diving operations with custom logos and colors on the control panel (available with Black Pelican case).
High-Capacity Air Supply: 4 or 6 x 50 litre Breathing Air Cylinders (200 Bar) ensure ample air for extended dives.
Advanced Communication: Integrated Two/Three Diver Amron Radio system with AC/DC rechargeable battery.
Enhanced Visibility: Single/Double Diver CCTV System with fixed focus camera, LED light, DVR, monitor, and surface control unit.
Durable Umbilicals: Choose from 150/200m or 100/150m Fibron umbilicals with twisted core air, pneumo, communication, and video (CCTV) lines.
Multiple Frame Options: Select from stainless steel or mild steel frame for ultimate flexibility.

Increased Efficiency: Streamline your diving operations with a single, integrated solution.
Improved Safety: Enhanced communication and monitoring capabilities ensure diver safety.
Professional Presentation: Stand out with personalized branding on your control panel.
Customizable: Choose the configuration that best suits your needs.
Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demands of commercial diving.
Contact SubDive360 today to discuss your specific requirements and get a quote for your personalized Scuba Replacement Package!