Brocuda BHT-2000BK Hydraulic Tool w/ Broco Blade Kit

Unleash the power of the BROCO BHT-2000BK Blade KIT Brocuda Hydraul with its versatile capabilities:

  • Designed for various tasks including construction, cleaning ship hulls, underwater cutting, and more
  • Suitable for both topside and underwater use
  • Durable aluminum body with a standard 5/8 inch -11 threaded spindle
  • Equipped with a high torque producing Hybel® gear motor
  • Ergonomically designed handle for diver comfort during operation
  • High visibility blue paint for enhanced safety
  • Compatible with a range of accessories and attachments

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Experience the ultimate versatility with the BROCO BHT-2000BK Blade KIT Brocuda Hydraul, offering a comprehensive solution for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re involved in construction, ship maintenance, salvage operations, or welding preparation, this hydraulic tool delivers exceptional performance both topside and underwater.

Constructed with a durable aluminum body and featuring a standard 5/8 inch -11 threaded spindle, the Brocuda is built to withstand demanding environments. Its high torque producing Hybel® gear motor ensures efficient operation, while the ergonomically designed handle prioritizes diver comfort during prolonged use.

Enhanced with high visibility blue paint, the Brocuda maximizes safety, especially in underwater conditions where visibility may be limited. Backed by a limited 12-month warranty, you can trust in the reliability and durability of this hydraulic tool.

With its compatibility with various accessories such as grinding wheels, brushes, and barnacle busters, the Brocuda offers versatility and adaptability to suit diverse tasks. Whether you’re tackling hull cleaning, concrete cutting, or welding preparation, the Brocuda is your trusted companion for efficient and effective performance.


  • Capacity: 9″/228 mm
  • Environment: Topside and underwater
  • Spindle: 5/8″-11 threaded
  • Weight of Tool: 9 lbs/4.1 kg
  • Weight with Whips and Guard: 15 lbs/6.8kg
  • Length: 12″/30.5 cm
  • Width: 6.5″/16.5 cm
  • Maximum speed: 4000 RPM @10 GPM (36 LPM)
  • Maximum flow: 7-10 GPM (26-36 LPM)
  • Torque:
    • at 2000 psi: 15.2N-m/11.21 ft-lb
    • at 1000 psi: 7.6N-m/5.6 ft-lb
  • Hose Whips: 1/2 BSP
  • Quick disconnect: 1/2 NPT

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