Broco BR-22 Plus Cutting Torch

  • Redesigned collet for tighter hold on cutting rod
  • Ceramic washer provides noncombustible electrical isolation
  • PTFE lined fiberglass reinforced hose for high-temperature resistance
  • Internal gasket reduces electrolysis and insulates diver’s hand
  • Sintered element slag arrestor for increased oxygen flow rate
  • Non-return valve prevents backflow of hot gases
  • Improved valve design for better flow control


The Broco BRO-BR22-PLUS BR-22 Plus Cutting Torch incorporates 21 design improvements to enhance its performance and safety features. Key highlights of this cutting torch include:

  • Redesigned Collet: Ensures a tighter hold on the cutting rod, providing enhanced stability during cutting operations.
  • Ceramic Washer: Offers noncombustible electrical isolation, enhancing safety during underwater cutting tasks.
  • PTFE Lined Hose: The fiberglass reinforced hose is lined with PTFE to withstand extremely high operating temperatures and resist combustion.
  • Internal Gasket: Reduces electrolysis, insulates the diver’s hand from electrical current, and minimizes the potential for gas pockets in the torch.
  • Sintered Element Slag Arrestor: Withstands heat and sparks, increasing the oxygen flow rate for improved cutting efficiency.
  • Non-Return Valve: Prevents the backflow of hot gases in the event of a flashback, enhancing diver safety.
  • Improved Valve Design: Redesigned valve lever and stem allow for manual return, ensuring better flow control during cutting operations.

The Broco BR-22 Plus Cutting Torch is the result of extensive research and development by Broco’s Engineering Technology Group, prioritizing diver safety and comfort. With its ergonomic design and quality construction, this torch offers years of trouble-free performance at a low cost. Compatibility with existing Broco rods and electrodes ensures seamless integration into underwater cutting operations.

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