Aqua Regulators – Model 873-400

High Flow Reducing Regulator, hand/spring loaded
Maximum inlet pressure: 6000 PSI
Outlet pressure range: 0-400 PSI
1/2″ NPT outlet, 1/4″ NPT inlet


The AquaRegulators Model 873-400 is a high-flow, hand-loaded reducing regulator designed for a wide range of commercial diving applications. It features a balanced poppet design for high flow and minimal effect of inlet pressure on outlet pressure. The poppet assembly is contained in a cartridge with internal filtration for easy in-field changes, making it ideal for use in even the most demanding environments.

The 873-400 has a maximum inlet pressure of 6000 PSI and an outlet pressure range of 0-400 PSI. It is constructed from high-quality materials, including aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and KEL-F, Viton seals, ensuring durability and reliability.

The regulator is self-venting but is optionally available without the vent. It also features a number of other user-friendly features, such as:

Easy-to-adjust knob for precise outlet pressure control
1/2″ NPT outlet and 1/4″ NPT inlet for compatibility with a wide range of hoses and fittings
Optional panel mounting nut for easy installation
Rugged construction for use in demanding environments
The AquaRegulators Model 873-400 is a versatile and reliable reducing regulator that is ideal for a wide range of commercial diving applications.

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