CBM Diving Compact Bibs Mask

Discover the CBM Diving Compact Bibs Mask, engineered for optimal performance and safety up to 400 meters underwater. Featuring minimized breathing effort, enhanced sealing, and improved safety features.


Experience unparalleled performance and safety with the CBM Diving Compact Bibs Mask, meticulously designed and rigorously tested to meet international technical and safety standards set by NORSOK. Engineered for operational depths of up to 400 meters, this mask is a reliable companion for commercial divers.

Designed to minimize breathing effort, the mask features a Balanced Second Stage Demand Regulator and Exhaust valve system, eliminating mechanical reciprocating parts for effortless breathing and minimal wear and tear. The silicon oral-nasal mask ensures maximum sealing efficiency, reducing the risk of leaks and strain on the nasal bridge and jaw.

Safety is paramount with the CBM Diving Compact Bibs Mask, incorporating two independent gas supply and exhaust systems along with an anti-asphyxia valve to mitigate choke hazards in case of system malfunction. The low mask internal volume minimizes CO2 build-up, further enhancing diver safety.

Additionally, the mask’s design reduces the risk of chamber atmosphere pollution, with a supply pressure only 4 bar over chamber pressure. This design ensures minimal release of breathing mixture or oxygen in the event of leakage, surpassing other BIBS systems available on the market.

Compact, lightweight, and ergonomically designed, the mask offers superior comfort and unrestricted movement. The flexible silicone oral-nasal mask is fully adjustable to fit any diver, with different options available for various head dimensions and face shapes. For added convenience and hygiene, the silicone mask is replaceable, reducing the risk of bacterial contamination.

For commercial divers seeking exceptional performance, safety, and comfort, the CBM Diving Compact Bibs Mask stands as a trusted choice for demanding underwater environments.