Easy Touch Underwater Welding Rods – 5/32 in. x 14 in. – 69 Rods


  • UW-EZ-3 Easy Touch Welding Rod
  • Quality Underwater Welding Electrodes
  • Size: 3/16 in. x 14 in
  • 48 Rods in a Pack


For many non-structural repairs, the Broco UW-EZ-3 Easy Touch Underwater Welding Rods provide an ideal solution. Specifically designed for the economy market, these electrodes offer a balance between cost-effectiveness and quality results. Engineered with Broco’s extensive expertise in underwater welding, these rods deliver excellent performance, allowing commercial divers to achieve welds with optimal porosity, inclusions, integrity, and appearance.

The UW-EZ-3 Easy Touch Underwater Welding Rods are easy to light, run, and clean, reducing operator fatigue and optimizing productivity. Featuring a controllable puddle with a rippled bead appearance, these electrodes ensure consistent and reliable welds in various underwater conditions. They are suitable for a wide range of non-structural repair applications, providing commercial divers with a versatile and efficient welding solution.

With advantages over other economy-priced underwater welding rods, the Broco UW-EZ-3 Easy Touch Rods are easier to run and clean, minimizing downtime and operational costs. Each pack contains 48 rods, making them a convenient and cost-effective choice for underwater welding projects.

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